Agency Technology Management

Madeira Networks' Agency Technology Services provides technology management, network monitoring, agency automation services, technology budgeting, future IT planning, and remote Help Desk support for the entire agency, and more.


We have been involved in the Independent Insurance industry for over 15 years and are members of the MAIA and MIPIA.


We have also developed a successful framework for effectively migrating angency management systems.


What makes Madeira Networks the right fit for your Agency?


     Knowledge of the Insurance industry

     Proficient with Agencies workflow

     Automation that will save your Agency time and money

     Our committment to the Insurance industry

     Our involvement with the MAIA and MIPIA

     Knowledgeable of many Agency Management Systems




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Agency Technology Services Explained
24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring of your servers, workstations, network devices, and more.
UNLIMITED remote support from our Help Desk Professionals
Complete back-end Server and Network Management
Backup Management and Routine Test Restores
Routine Security Assessments and Penetration Testing
Off-site Disaster Recovery and Data Archiving
Anti-Virus and Spyware monitoring
User's Desktop and Internet Browser settings are consistent throughout the Agency
Routine review of Computer Use Policies and User Audits
Management of Technology Budget
Management of Technology Assets and Warranty Expirations
Vendor Management
Software License Management
Automation of your current end-of-day processing
Company downloads and automated reporting
Daily Agency Rating Application updates
Agency Management System upgrades included


24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring
We monitor all network devices including servers, desktops, notebooks, daily backups, off-site backups, firewalls, and critical network devices.  By monitoring these devices we can proactively see issues before they impact your agency.

UNLIMITED Remote Support
Our Help Desk support professionals are Madeira Networks employees and based in Lansing Michigan.  They are on standby ready to help 8am - 6pm Monday through Friday EST.

Complete back-end Server and Network Management
Servers need Microsoft updates and monthly maintenance in order to keep them secure and running at their maximum performance.  We proactively manage your back-end servers keeping them up-to-date and performing at their optimal levels. 

Backup Management and Routine Test Restores
Backups and test restores are very important and if not checked critical data can be lost.  Every day your backups are checked and if they fail, we will remediate and rerun your backup jobs insuring your data is protected.

Routine Security Assessments and Penetration Testing
Madeira employee's security professionals, some with CEH (certified ethical hacker) certificates that perform security assessments and penetration testing to minimize potential security breaches.

Off-site Disaster Recovery and Data Archiving
Having a disaster recovery plan is a necessity.  Madeira Networks has disaster recovery services that include off-site data backups, data archiving, and a remote office facility equipped with desktop computers, printers, scanners, and access to your data.

Anti-virus and Spyware monitoring
We perform routine Virus and Spyware scans on your network desktops, notebooks, and servers.  Virus and Spyware are removed or quarantined keeping your system optimal.

User's Desktop and Internet Browser settings
Having inconsistent user's desktop settings can be very disruptive. User settings throughout the agency should be consistent on every workstation.  At Madeira Networks we use a tested set of "Policies" that will keep settings like Internet Browser Trusted Sites, Pop-up settings, Home Pages, default printers consistent on every device or workstation.

Routine review of your Computer Use Policies and Network User Audits
We continually keep up with the use of corporate devices and access to shared data, that's why we work with your human resources personnel to help develop and maintain your Computer Use Policies.


We also conduct routine Agency user audits to ensure access is limited to authorized users.  We review user accounts that should be disabled and review access to Agency shared data.

Manage your IT Budget
Knowing your IT budget for the next coming year is important and helps forcast expenditures.  We maintain your IT budget and schedule end of year budget meetings where technology expenditures are discussed.

Manage your Assets and Warranty Expirations
Our process includes the routine network audit where we verify assets and warranty expirations.  All Agency devices are maintained in our secure database where we also track warranty expirations.

Vendor Management
As you know there are many vendors that make up your technology.  Starting with your Internet Service Providers, Phone Providers, and Agency Management Software Vendor, we maintain vendor documentation and handle all correspondence between your vendors.

Software License Management
Along with our Asset Management we also manage your hardware and software licenses.  These licenses include Microsoft, your Agency Management software, and more.

Agency Automation
Agencies run end-of-day batch jobs that typically restrict access to resources once this process is started.  Unless someone is to login and start this process later in the evening, then this process is done around 5:00pm and potentially restricting access to Agency resources.


Our automated process allows end-of-day batch jobs to be done overnight.  This not only eliminates staff duties but gives access to Agency resources.

Company Downloads
Company downloads are also automated.  We typically schedule these downloads prior to start of business day.  This automated process downloads your data from various sources, insures the upload to your Agency Management System, and produces reports that can be saved into a shared folder for access to authorized users.

Agency Rating Software Updates
Agency Rating Systems are also automated.  We update your rating software daily and ensure rating quote data is in a shared location for easy access from your Customer Service Representatives and other Agency staff.

Agency Management Systems Upgrades
Part of Agency Technology Services includes upgrades to your Agency Management Software.



What you should know about Encryption




Encryption software should be an industry leader and should be easy for your recipient to use.

The last thing we want is to handle questions or support calls from our recipient.

Select a software that is easy to use and uses acceptable encryption methods.



Electronic Signatures


When an unexpected disaster hits, recovery is your top priority

Madeira Networks' Disaster Recovery Services offers fast and reliable off-site recovery of your data and Stand-by Servers that will keep you operational when a disaster hits.

Off-site backups can be scheduled for once a day, hourly, and even a continuous backup throughout the day.



Mobile Management


Is Corporate data on your employee's mobile devices?


BYOD (bring your own device) is a common practice in the corporate world and businesses need a way to mange and secure their data.

Madeira Networks offers a Mobile Management service that allows you to keep the data on your employees device secure and manageable.



Security Services


Certified Security Professionals Only



Our Security Services are provided by Certified Ethical Hackers with extensive experience in information technology security.

We use industry best practices that will help aid bring better employee practices and guidelines to your organization.